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7 Steps to Reduce Work Stress

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), “job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and…it has escalated progressively over the past few decades.” Despite all of the technological advances that were supposed to make life and work easier, we as a society find ourselves more burnt out […]

March For Our Lives

You can listen and download the song for free here: We’re the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow Tired of the deaths, funerals, and sorrow We’re takin’ a stand so you understand We’re marchin for our lives and the future of our land Time to march for our lives time to march for […]

A Motivational Speaker’s Take on White Supremacists

            Motivational speakers are supposed to be objective. We are supposed to speak about how there is always a window opening when a door closes. We are supposed to speak matter-of-factly that life doesn’t care about our excuses, only our results. We are expected to be apolitical and focus on the […]

Is Leadership In YOU? (a poem)

The chosen few are the few who chose To step up and open doors tightly closed So you call yourself a leader, but what does that mean? Getting green, turning green, badly running your team? Sadly killing the dreams of a hopeful teen? Madly willing your ideas, not even listening? Does it mean you celebrate […]

Sally Hemings (a poem)

Get your violins out, your flutes and cellos As I recount my days back in Monticello The year America breaks from Europe’s chains I’m still a slave shackled in America’s chains And I’ll make it plain I was more than a slave A founding father found me and he couldn’t behave Y’all can call him […]