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A Motivational Speaker’s Take on White Supremacists

            Motivational speakers are supposed to be objective. We are supposed to speak about how there is always a window opening when a door closes. We are supposed to speak matter-of-factly that life doesn’t care about our excuses, only our results. We are expected to be apolitical and focus on the […]

Is Leadership In YOU? (a poem)

The chosen few are the few who chose To step up and open doors tightly closed So you call yourself a leader, but what does that mean? Getting green, turning green, badly running your team? Sadly killing the dreams of a hopeful teen? Madly willing your ideas, not even listening? Does it mean you celebrate […]

Sally Hemings (a poem)

Get your violins out, your flutes and cellos As I recount my days back in Monticello The year America breaks from Europe’s chains I’m still a slave shackled in America’s chains And I’ll make it plain I was more than a slave A founding father found me and he couldn’t behave Y’all can call him […]

Malaika (a poem)

When you educate a girl, you save the nation When you teach girls to lead, they become our salvation Digging wells isn’t just about digging holes When a community is nourished, you’ve nourished its soul Malaika Malaika, Swahili for angel YOU are Malaika, helping girls succeed from every angle Creating change agents for tomorrow By […]

I’m a Preexisting Condition (a poem)

I’m a preexisting condition because I was born I breathed I sneezed I wheezed I coughed I delivered I was born I loved I worshipped I immigrated I crawled I walked I marched I talked I yelled I resisted I persisted I served I taught I sought I said my life matters I said my […]