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The New Struggle (lyrics)

I didn’t live at the time of martin & Malcolm Read about their struggles kept wonderin how come How could one deny another’s human rights? How could you lynch a brother right at first sight? I’m like damn, is this what we call human-ity? Surprised more didn’t die from insanity But now in 2017 I […]

I acknowledge my privilege. Why can’t white people?

I recently read an article about a “white privilege” essay contest that caused a bit of controversy in Westport, Connecticut. According to The New York Times, this wealthy coastal town is over 90% white and has an average salary of $150,000. While most of the students did not have a problem with the question, many […]

7 reasons this father did not vote for Donald Trump

Senator Hillary Clinton had her issues. There is no question that over her decades of service to the United States and the globe, there were some downright shady practices that could have easily propelled a more polished republican political candidate into the White House but this article is not about Hillary. This article is about […]