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Sally Hemings (a poem)

Get your violins out, your flutes and cellos As I recount my days back in Monticello The year America breaks from Europe’s chains I’m still a slave shackled in America’s chains And I’ll make it plain I was more than a slave A founding father found me and he couldn’t behave Y’all can call him […]

Malaika (a poem)

When you educate a girl, you save the nation When you teach girls to lead, they become our salvation Digging wells isn’t just about digging holes When a community is nourished, you’ve nourished its soul Malaika Malaika, Swahili for angel YOU are Malaika, helping girls succeed from every angle Creating change agents for tomorrow By […]

The New Struggle (lyrics)

I didn’t live at the time of martin & Malcolm Read about their struggles kept wonderin how come How could one deny another’s human rights? How could you lynch a brother right at first sight? I’m like damn, is this what we call human-ity? Surprised more didn’t die from insanity But now in 2017 I […]