Donald Trump Is Losing, But We’re Not Winning…Yet

This article appears in The Huffington Post, where I am a contributor:

Our society accepts domestic violence (unless there’s a camera)

In this video I posted on, I speak about how, for many of us, accepting domestic violence starts in very small ways like the language we use on a daily basis. We need to make small challenges on domestic violence before we see the ultimate manifestations of it such as with this Ray Rice assault on Janay Rice.

Partnering w/NFL’s Aaron Rodgers & Emmanuelle Chriqui for Congo

As a youth speaker, I enjoy motivating youth across the globe. As part of the Raise Hope for Congo campaign and the Conflict Free Campus Initiative, I traveled to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to partner with NFL Greenbay Packers player Aaron Rodgers and actor Emmanuelle Chriqui. The goal of the event was to raise awareness on how materials in our electronics products are coming from a war zone that Oprah Winfrey calls "the worst place to be a woman." Watch the video here.