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Education in America designed for a select few

In this video, I speak about the problem with education. The problem with education in America is that the system was only designed for a select few, primarily rich white boys. The educational system has not adjusted to the fact that everyone can have access to it so many students are unnecessarily being thrown away.

Bachmann vs. Palin: no comparison

Outside of the fact that they are both women and are both prone to many gaffes, it does not make sense to keep comparing these two women. For example, Michelle Bachmann seems to have no problems talking about issues of race, whether she’s completely on or off. Most republicans including Palin will just invoke Dr. King’s dream in talking about race. Bachman makes comments like “President Obama failed black America.” That’s bold, especially for a party that has little black support.

If Obama's not black enough, what about me?

The ridiculous debate over whether President Obama is a real black man or even a strong black man has gotten out of control. He just proved to the world that he's American, now he has to prove that he's black? Wait, if he's not black, am I? Are you?


Obama took a bold stance on NY mosque (video)

President Obama took a brave stance on the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. He knows full well that this will give added fuel to the fire of the birthers as well as those who believe he is Muslim. Obama clearly believes in the creed of this country. It's as if people stopped believing in America becoming as good as its promise. As Jon Stewart said, if we can't practice our principles when we're being tested, our principles are not principles. They are hobbies.

Obama! Please don't make another race speech!

Your administration has already issued its apology and Ms. Sherod accepted. If this happened under President Clinton or Bush, the media outrage would have stopped at the Secretary of Agriculture. There were many racial incidents during their tenure and they spoke about by them by choice, not by force. Please don't turn yourself into a Black mammy figure, always consoling the guilty people you work for. We as adults should be able to handle this with the example that you set in your administration. If we can't then the problem is with us, not you.

Mr. Prez, McChrystal or SOMEONE has got to go!

The comments of General McChrystal's staff in the Rolling Stone magazine are outright treacherous and the fact that General McChrystal was in the room for some of them is even worse. There are other comments that were "off the record" as well. I don't care how much Gen. McChrystal knows about the war. This type of betrayal will cause division at the Pentagon and if President Obama isn't decisive, he will be made to look even weaker on terrorism than many already make him to be.

Guilty until proven ISRAEL?

Post asserts that regardless of who is responsible for initiating the violence on these flotillas, the real loser is going to be the United States and its policy towards Israel. Just days before this incident, President Obama declared (once again) that the U.S. bond with Israel is unbreakable. This constant message from every U.S. President tells Israel it can do whatever it wants. President Obama can't just go speak to the Muslim world in Egypt and come back home and act this way. If the IDF is found to be the aggressor, the U.S. response should be swift and stern.

Speeches no longer work in the Divided States of America

Video post asserts that while it was important for Obama to lay out his successes, ultimately Americans are at a point where speeches just won't work. Furthermore, given that the Republican Party is only committed to being against Obama, the President needs to focus on going forward with his agenda and leaving a legacy of true change. He has made great strides in the area of hate crimes legislation, education, and tax cuts, but that is irrelevant to Republicans. He needs to continue to show leadership where the republicans just show immaturity.

Let's REID through the lines on race in America

Americans would rather point fingers about race than talk about it directly. As a diversity educator, I encounter people every day who are just not ready to have this dialogue, yet are quick to say that we are post racial now that we have a black president. Most of us still hold stereotypes about other groups but we would never know they are stereotypes until we confront our beliefs. Entire policies from education to law enforcement have been crafted in America based on race and this is still an issue.

Obama's bow vs. Latino in America vs. "Made in China"

Post asserts that it is hypocritical to say that Obama must preserve American culture and strength overseas and then say people who come to America must abandon their culture and speak only English and practice a mainstream American religion. Furthermore, we should pay more attention to how we bow politically and economically to countries like China everyday. Case in point: all of us posting comments are doing it on products that weren't even made in America. Maintaining our economic status is more important than the President respecting cultures overseas.


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