A tribute to MJ

Never cried for one who died I never met

But when I saw your funeral my whole floor got wet

Didn’t know all you did until after you died

But truthfully that ain’t the real reason I cried

Cause back in the thriller days you were like no other

Everybody felt you from sisters to my mother

But all of a sudden you started changin’ color

Seemed on the surface man you were scared to be a brother

I took your lighter tone as a rejection of me

Thought you turned on black people once the fame came see

Then came Lisa Marie and 3 white babies

I was in my black power phase so you drove me crazy

Then the hair then the nose and I was like man

Can you do anything else to reject your fam?

But I had you all wrong, didn’t have to hate ya

Judgin’ off sight alone guess it’s human nature

When the press called you jacko, child poverty you tackled

When they called you a monster, the stage you would conquer

While we were doing you wrong you were singing earth songs

Negro College Fund survived from your contributions

Your face change probably had more to do with your pops

Cause you told Oprah you a proud black man hak

We are the World helped African kids

Heal the World helped children from Maine to Madrid

Ain’t no celebrity done as much as you did

And who am I to judge how you raised your kids

Your daughter said you were the best dad ever

Will my kids say the same when I’m gone forever?

While we celebrated you on MTV

You made sure you got your video to BET

You the last person I judge, your message I hear ya

From now on I’ll focus on the man in the mirror

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