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We Shall Not Be Moved! (a poem)

We ain’t goin’ back, said we ain’t goin’ back We’ve come too far they tryin’ to set us back Whether standin’ on the block or on Standing Rock The world gonna know that we never gonna stop Built their brand on phobias they think that they controllin’ us Not to mention women hatin’ and the […]

Schools need same “Zero Tolerance” for hate acts that they have for students of color

              Across the country, Trump supporters have been targeting people who look foreign, threatening their lives and attempting to bar them from entering schools and their jobs. Trump’s half-hearted request for his supporters to “stop it” while at the same time blaming the press for overblowing these racist and […]

Mandela…a poetic tribute

They say never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes But what happens when the man has neither shoes nor socks to walk in? Would you willfully walk that mile? Would you accept all adversity with a frown and a smile? Would you still run the race against racism with […]

Bring out the Muhammad Ali in YOU!

We call Muhammad Ali “The greatest” not because of his boxing but because he was an UPstander, not a bystander. After all the celebrations are done, the best way to honor Muhamma Ali is to do your best to be an upstander and a voice for the voiceless and marginalized wherever you are and however […]