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France must do more to reach Muslim youth

While it is necessary to have a police and military response to the tragic events in Paris, there must also be a plan going forward to make Muslim (and other marginalized) youth feel more incorporated into French society. People join gangs and terrorist groups like ISL out of a sense of desperation, isolation, anger, and […]

We should applaud Mizzou students

It is sad to see that some believe student athletes should just shut up and play ball. We lament so often about student athletes not being engaged in real issues today but Mizzou students prove that is not the case. This country was founded on the principles of dignity and respect and so we should […]

If blacks say the N-word, whites can too

As long as we continue to put the N-word in our music, movies, and other areas of public life, we should not be surprised that other groups use the word. Every group has terms that they use among themselves but they don’t promote them to the world. It’s human nature. If we want the same […]

Ben Affleck as Batman? NO! NYET! NEVER!

I have a great deal of respect for Affleck but he is the wrong choice for Batman. Someone who is not as well known like Josh Brolin from “Men in Black 3” would have made a much better choice. You need someone low key who won’t draw away from the character. Affleck is a great […]

Our youth are not lost!

As someone who spends a great deal of time working with young people, I am growing increasingly with all of the negativity we continue to show on television. Our youth are better than the murder and rape trials we are seeing on television. If we are not going to shift this focus entirely, we can […]

It’s not about Lance Armstrong

I never owned a Livestrong bracelet but if I did, I would still wear it. At the end of the day, it’s not about Armstrong. What does frustrate me, however, is all of the people who work hard and play these sports by the rules and come in second. They get nothing and that’s not […]

Victory has never been more frustrating

While I’m happy Obama won, I am dismayed at the way our electoral system works to beat each candidate down until there’s nothing left. I hope going forward that we’ll all do our part to really come together to the best of our ability. Lastly, over $6 billion was spent on this election during a […]