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Chavez: a champion for the poor

Like any leader, or any person for that matter, Hugo Chavez was a flawed individual. We should not let his opposition to many policies of the United States blind us for seeing the good he did for many people. He was not a hero for every Venezuelan by any means, but ultimately, I believe his […]

Show up in life!

I want to talk about the importance of showing up. Have you shown up for your life or have you lived in fear of showing up? It has been said that 50% of life is showing up. How many opportunities have you missed out on because of fear of showing up? Have you lost opportunities […]

G.R.O.W. towards your greatness! (a poem)

They say greatness is a choice, but what have you chosen? You’ve been frozen in time and broken in mind For too long the same song playing in your head Living in breath but better off dead But who said you didn’t have the power? Who said this is not your hour? You’ve been showered […]

We need YOUR leadership now more than ever!

              We are experiencing an extreme crisis of leadership on the part of our politicians. My hope is that all of you who are leaders will realize that we need your skills now more than ever. Our politicians are failing us by the day. Whenever we turn on the news, we see bickering people choosing […]