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Critical RacIST Theory (a poem)

I guess we can’t teach why Native Americans shed tears on that trail I guess we can’t teach why Japanese Americans were interned in those camps and jailed I guess we can’t teach why Jews fleeing the Holocaust came to America and were forced to reverse sail I guess we can’t teach about those who […]

Unity For Our Beloved Community (a poem)

You don’t know what you don’t know You can’t lead where you don’t go If you don’t read you won’t GROW I know It can feel hard to work together It can be hard to fight to make our lives better But it’s worth it We have so many hidden commonalities but we can unearth […]

On Critical Race Theory protests and removing Hitler from history books

Across America, school boards have become the latest battleground on the issue of mask mandates in schools. People have been threatened one another, even coming to the point of physical violence. In some states like Florida and New Hampshire, local anti-maskers are teaming up with white supremacist groups like The Proud Boys to intimidate school […]