Customized poetic presentations for YOUR organization!

UPstander International provides customized poetic presentations that capture the mission of your organization. We will sit down with all parties involved in your event, and create a powerful and dynamic spoken word presentation for your audience. Employees today are in search of diverse ways to receive inspiring words from their employers. UPstander International will take your audiences beyond the PowerPoint and to the point of their power!

Past clients include:



• TEDx

• National Speakers Association

• WorldSpace Corporation

• Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation

• Stop Bullying!

• Enough! Project

• Stand Now!

• Genocide Prevention Network

• It’s a Girl! (movie)

• OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center

• TransAfrica

• Afrikafe

• Leja Bulela

Check Out my Webcast at the Library of Congress!

"…they say you can't judge a book by its cover. But it has become appallingly clear that you can judge an entire continent by its media coverage…"

I joined Rob Casper from the Poetry and Literature Center of the Library of Congress to discuss the state of contemporary African Literature.

Click here to visit my recent webcast.

Ariel Anderson

On this episode of Real Talk, Omekongo speaks with Ariel Anderson about the issue of diversity.


Jessica Port

Omekongo talk with Jessica Port about students who have been labeled as "emotionally disturbed".


Nigel Greaves

On this episode of Real Talk, Omekongo talks to Nigel Greaves of "Straight, No Chaser" productions.


Standing UP Against Human Sex Trafficking, a CSPAN Event

As a youth speaker, I am proud to have taken part in this wonderful event that is affecting so many people around the world but especially youth. Maya Soetoro-Ng, peace advocate and Pres. Obama’s half-sister, addresses the Center for American Progress on ending the exploitation of women and children. She highlights the challenges and strategies utilized to combat human trafficking.

You can watch the entire event here.


1,000,000 Youth Campaign


The problem

In today’s mass media culture, our youth are constantly being reminded of what it is they do not have. Through the entertainment industry, they are constantly reminded of an image they may never attain. From flawless, near-perfect model images of Beyonce and Taylor Swift to television shows broadcasting the multi-room mansions of today’s athletes, our young people become convinced that their lives will never be as drama-free as the utopian images advertised to them hourly on their cell phones, iPods, televisions, laptops, and video games.

While our youth are dealing with the aforementioned challenges, there are few avenues by which they can receive support (or positive reinforcement) for their own concerns. Television shows that speak to teen issues are hard to come by. Community programs are being closed left and right due to lack of funding. School counselors are overworked and underpaid. Many parents are too busy trying to provide for their children that they do not have time during the day to properly interact with their children and learn of the challenges they face. With no consistent means to intervene in the lives of our youth, we are witnessing an increase in suicides, crime, gang activity, dropout rates, teen sexual promiscuity, and drug abuse. For all intents and purposes, our youth have been abandoned by society as a whole.

The need for the 1,000,000 youth campaign

It has been said that one positive thought can overcome an entire army of negative thoughts. The 1,000,000 youth campaign exists to speak positivity into the minds of our youth. The campaign seeks to plant a seed of greatness in the lives of many whose spirits have wilted. Sometimes it takes the belief of someone else to carry one over until she develops her own ability to believe in herself. Through participating in the 1,000,000 youth campaign, participants will learn the “Great 8” formula for personal growth. Specifically, they will learn to:

  • Realize they can overcome any obstacle
  • See suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem
  • Understand the relevance school still has in their lives
  • Create goals to pursue their dreams
  • Remove negative people or circumstances from their lives
  • Attract the people and circumstances around them that will advance their goals
  • Respect the differences of others
  • Be upstanders and not bystanders in the face of our bullying epidemic

The How

Through powerful and entertaining motivational speeches including the use of spoken word and hip-hop; through personal stories and stories of others who have overcome obstacles; through affirmations; and through dialogue, Omékongo, empowers every audience member to be an upstander and live their greatest life. Through intense breakout sessions, participants dig deeply into not only developing self-esteem for themselves, but a respect for people of diverse backgrounds. Don’t wait! Contact Omékongo today if you want to motivate your youth with this dynamic motivational youth speaker!