It’s not about Lance Armstrong

I never owned a Livestrong bracelet but if I did, I would still wear it. At the end of the day, it’s not about Armstrong. What does frustrate me, however, is all of the people who work hard and play these sports by the rules and come in second. They get nothing and that’s not right.

Victory has never been more frustrating

While I’m happy Obama won, I am dismayed at the way our electoral system works to beat each candidate down until there’s nothing left. I hope going forward that we’ll all do our part to really come together to the best of our ability. Lastly, over $6 billion was spent on this election during a time when people are losing homes and jobs. This is atrocious in my eyes. The election is over, I hope the citizens now show our politicians

Zig Ziglar: simply the best

Rest in peace to the family of Zig Ziglar. He was not just a great speaker. He was a messenger. He taught us lessons about business, but more importantly about family and friends. I am still inspired by Zig to this day. I am so thankful to have been exposed to his work.

It’s bigger than gun control

While there is a place for a gun control debate in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut, the bigger issue that must be discussed is our addiction to violent means of expression. We are a sick nation. We need to heal for the sake of our children.

Happy New Year! No resolutions, just be grateful!

Happy 2013! Now is not the time for resolutions! Now is the time to focus on your entire life and be grateful that you have made it 2013. If you focus on being grateful that you’ve made it this far, you should immediately proceed with an attitude of gratitude. Resolutions are made to broken! Life is for the living and that is what I discuss in this video. Happy 2013!

Chavez: a champion for the poor

Like any leader, or any person for that matter, Hugo Chavez was a flawed individual. We should not let his opposition to many policies of the United States blind us for seeing the good he did for many people. He was not a hero for every Venezuelan by any means, but ultimately, I believe his intentions were generally in the right place.

POPE & Circumstance: Sandusky should have been a priest

While I wish Pope Benedict the best in dealing with his health issues, I am frustrated with the great celebration he is receiving right now. The Catholic Church should be ashamed of itself for its part in destroying the lives of so many children but the Church is acting now as if nothing is wrong and that’s not right.

If Orlando shooting doesn’t change us, nothing will

The shootings in Orlando should give us pause and focus us as a country as moving forward. If we don’t shift course now we never will. We have a disease in America with our obsession with violence. We can talk terrorism all day and it’s a necessary conversation to have but talking about building peace is a more important conversation to have.