Dark Girls (a poem)


Dark girls, the center of the world

Wish you knew how precious you are, a black pearl

Insults they hurl, your heart in whirl

Hatin’ on your hair straightened or curled

Hatin’ on your skin while they wear tannin lotion

Hard to see you pretty face on television

Your own people hatin’ cause they don’t understand

You get more appreciation in foreign lands

My eyes pourin’ man, want you to overstand

You perfect as you are sister don’t give a damn

About the people who think that your lips too big

Rock that natural you don’t need no wig

Your hips birthed nations yet you face discrimination

People dissin’ you just don’t have the motivation

To get their lives together so they’re pickin’ on you

Don’t let ignorance distract you from doin’ you


See they don’t put you on TV cause they scared of your features

Lovely chocolate-coated body, no need to bleach ya

Skin you’ll never win changing your complexion

Your darkness is a gift, a true reflection

Of the original woman who gave birth to us all

The world starts and ends with you so you need to stand tall

Dark woman in the White House, see your time is now

Shinin’ brighter than a lighthouse, when I see you I bow

To your greatness hope you take this as a gesture of love

Forget the jesters out there clownin’ you because

Hurt people hurt people, they don’t love themselves

Even your parents couldn’t see the beauty that they held

But it’s all good sister, we’ll make this right

The only person I know who shines in day AND night

So let me be your knight just protectin’ my queen

Dark girl, the brightest thing that the world has ever seen

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