Don’t sell bodies!

Inspired by

All I did was run a way to get some attention

He said he’d give me love if I just did what he mentioned

But what happened next, I’m too embarrassed to mention

He pimped me out and locked me up in his detention

This ain’t supposed to happen to me, I knew the guy

Supposed to happen in a far away land I wanna cry

Wanna fly, wanna die, anything but lie

With another stranger vioaltin’ my thighs

Heard I was bought on the Internet man, easy as pie

This country preached freedom why won’t anyone try

To free me, see me, just let me be me

A runaway shouldn’t become a sex slave, feel me?

Now I’m hearin sirens, cops took me and my pimp

But why am I the only one at the arraignment?

Prosecutin’ me and letting him go, I’m twice raped

I’m just a kid what did I do to feel such hate?

More people enslaved now than ever before

Most of ’em in the sex trade, man I implore

You to listen closely cause we’re selling bodies

An act most ungodly that should anger everybody

Don’t have enough dough for a phone, buy a slave

Costs $90 to to buy a kid in this trade

And I ain’t just talkin overseas hear what I say

Cause it’s happenin’ right here in the USA

You gotta pay more attention to J-A-D-A

For the sake of our children gotta end this today

How much is your daughter worth? A thought you can’t imagine

But on the daily mothers lose their daughters they stranded

We Import drugs, TVs and girls, whatever’s demanded

But slavery ended with the 14th amendment

To the constitution but there’s still no solution

But to catch our kids and prosecute them for prostitution?

We have to do more to protect our children

Too many end up sex slaves, too many missin’

We tracked down Bin Laden we can track those who traffick

Police the Internet, arrest pimps, it don’t take magic

Just the fact that I’m writing this song is so tragic

Cause some a y’all won’t understand unless I rap it

Well track it, 83% of those sold in the States

Are born in the States not some other place

46% of them know their recruiters

Pimped out and sold to all types of suitors

Who want to invest in the destruction of children

But what we need to do is invest them in prison, yeah, they on a mission

To liberate all those enslaved, won’t ask permission

Gotta work together for the sake of our seeds

So they can blossom into flowers, beautiful and free

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