Every child deserves a 5th birthday*

Remember back when you reached your fifth birthday

Got all prettied up and couldn’t wait in the worst way

For the cake and the presents, drank coke if you were thirstay

But what if turning 5 never came it’d be the worst day

7,000,000 kids got a four-year sentence

To see a 5th year is a parent’s best wish

But get this, while these deaths are so relentless

We can work now to do our best to prevent this

We have the tools and the skills but lack the will

To save our children’s future they need help for real

To stop this insanity we need a plurality

To create the morality to reduce child mortality

Cause in reality we have to be more responsible

To protect the group in our society most vulnerable

It’s so lamentable that these deaths are preventable

But to know and not act is a deed most regrettable

So thinking back on your 5th birthday think for a minute

Imagine it was your last day on earth, just relive it

Imagine if on this day all your friends came by

Not to say hi but to cry and say good-bye

Not to shower you with presents but to be in your presence

For the very last time before you soared to the heavens

Not to wish to you more birthdays but more minutes

To say I love you one more time before your time is finished

This thought alone is very unimaginable

But for many families this scenario is tangible

They need you to take action cause we’re pickin’ up traction

Need you all to get involved, Need more than compassion

If our kids live passed five chances are they’ll stay alive

Any action you take right now can save lives

Every child deserves a future as bright as yours

Four years is not enough for our kids they need more

*Inspired by the 5th Birthday movement. Learn more at:

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