InsErection (a poem on the January 6th insurrection)


America’s got a hard on for violence

America’s got its guard on for violence

He gets aroused at the site of silence

Looking for any opportunity to screw the compliant

Don’t deny it, I know you tryin’

But to say America’s always been peaceful?

Nah you lyin’ and there ain’t no denyin’

Violence penetrated this country deep to its soul

From enslaved Africans, slaughtered Cherokees and Seminoles

Antisemitism by those who can Nazi Jewish humanity without bullet holes

American internment camps of Japanese American souls

(NOT Japanese internment camps by the way)

What a difference a name makes Uncle Sam but damn I digress

Because today I’m talking about January 6th

We love violence so much we call today an anniversary

While we commemorate 911


What we celebratin’ today? Please tell me?

The 50+% who don’t believe in democracy?

The so called-leaders goin’ along with McCarthy’s hypocrisy?

The lies Tuckered into Fix News to legitimate an insurgency?

The shattered eye sockets of Capitol security?

The barricades erected to stop the cock-block of an election?

The fact that it came down to the V.P. for constitutional protection?

An ex-President who said he’d fight with the traitors and went in the other direction?

The politicians who tried to decertify showing their electoral dysfunction?

The way we tried a peaceful power transition and got our face punched in?

But damn, I guess in America this is just how it plays

Afterall, the man that said “give me liberty or give me death” owned slaves

This violence is all the rage

Inserectionists tried to take down the world’s largest democratic stage

Feces all up on the Senate floor

Urine all up on Congress’ doors

That white fluid dripping from their mouths and pores

As they salivated over an ex-president bought and paid for

A made for TV president who they think is heaven sent

So much so that to overthrow the country, they’re hell bent

Senators “on both sides” running for their lives

America can always stand tall and erect when it’s time for freedom to die

What we celebratin?

Well today I’ll celebrate the guards who gave their lives

I’ll celebrate those cops who made it home to their partners, husbands, and wives

I’ll celebrate those officers who saved congressional lives

I’ll celebrate the rest of us in America who believe out of this dust that we’ll rise

I’ll celebrate the arc of the investigations that hopefully bend towards justice

But without federal voting legislation, it could be just us

To stop the on-going inserectionist coup attempt w/out federal help, the onus is “on us”.

I’ll celebrate the Joe Madisons starving so America can taste democracy once again

I’ll celebrate the #unfiltered truth seekers who keep it Roland

I’ll celebrate journalists who Reid Out loud what we’ve all been sayin

I’ll celebrate the Ken & Karen Hunters fighting disinformation

I’ll celebrate when we pass the freedom to vote act and John Lewis legislation

I’ll celebrate when the inserectionists can no longer perform

And America’s promise can take its true form!

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