Marjorie Taylor Greene’s anti-Semitism has no place here!

I want to talk about Marjorie Taylor green and her anti-Semitic comments. First of all, this is mental health and mental illness awareness month so for her to call Nancy Pelosi mentally ill was disrespectful during a month where we try to do our best to acknowledge the challenges that, that our family members face as it relates to mental health and illness and the importance of talking about mental health. So we got that disrespect there, and then Greene talks about gold stars as if it’s something you give a first grader. We’re talking about the yellow star, the Star of David disrespect there. And then she talks about wearing masks being similar to Nazi Germany? The masks are something that are designed to save lives, whereas, in Nazi, Germany, lives were taken.

To be clear, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a racist and an anti-Semite. If she said that wearing the mask around the Capitol chambers was like Slavery, I would come out and condemn it so I’m not going to let her talk about another group and talk about another heinous moment in history like it’s all good. These are dangerous people. This is how the Holocaust started—by people putting out comments about different groups, not just about Jewish people because there were other people like those who had physical challenges in Nazi, Germany, who are targeted before the Jewish people were targeted as well. And we know that there were non-Jewish people who were killed as well, but when people start getting up here and minimize and disrespect groups like this, this is dangerous. Staying silent is how Hitler rose to prominence.

I’m not going to be silent. I am outraged and you should be outraged too. She should be censured immediately. She has no business in Congress, and there are many anti-Semitic people who are in Congress right now. We know that there are many racist and Islamophobic members of Congress as well. These comments cannot just be said so callously and ignorantly without any type of consequence. We need to be part of the group of people who are going to make sure there are consequences whether it’s through elections, boycotts, or other nonviolent means. This cannot be allowed to stand. If you’re going to stay silent and watch somebody make these anti-Semitic comments, particularly at a time where we see that hate crimes are on the rise, then you’re part of the problem.

We see that there has been a seven-fold increase in hate crimes against our Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. As horrific as this is, we cannot forget that anti-Semitic attacks have not stopped. Whether we’re talking about synagogues that have been decimated or vandalized or people who are being attacked on a personal level, the hate has not stopped. Since Trump came into office years ago, hate crimes have risen over 200%. The words of Greene are part of the problem. We have to stand up!

As it relates to the AAPI community, we’re happy to have the stop Asian hate crime bill was passed, but let’s talk about two things. There were many Republicans who voted against that. Seeing elderly, Asian people, primarily women, getting knocked to the street, beaten up stabbed was not enough to sway republicans to vote for this bill. Let’s also remember that we have the anti-lynching bill that has not been passed and should apply to all of these different groups experiencing hate so we need to get that passed as well.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that we are the people who are going to make the change.

WE are the change. Change doesn’t come from Washington. Change comes to Washington. We need feet on the ground. We need phone calls. We need to use apps like 5 Calls App. We need to get racist,  anti-Semitic people out of office. We need to get homophobic, Islamophobic people out of office. We need to get sexist, anti-trans people out of office. Words from Greene and others are not jokes. These words go all across the airwaves and they inspire people to rise up and commit domestic acts of terror. For Greene to say that being in her privileged position as a member of Congress, with the best healthcare, with the salaries and security protection is like being in a Nazi concentration camp is ridiculous. And to refer to Nancy Pelosi as a Nazi should also not go without consequence.

I’m calling on all of us right now to make sure that we’re being upstanders in every single way, not just looking at these people as cooks or quacks or jokes. These people are dangerous. They’re violent, they’re militant. They want us gone. The sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll wake up and stand up before it happens to your children or other people that you know and it is indeed happening with our children. I had a college student tell me that when she was in elementary school, students threw pennies at her because they were Jewish and the stereotype is that Jewish people are cheap. This is not a joke. Some say that Greene getting elected was a fluke. If she stays in office, it is proof that this is what too many people in society want. I, for one, am not going to stand for it. We need to have more upstanders, not bystanders. Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to go. She has no place in Congress.