Reshaping The HipHop World With Dr. Omékongo Dibinga And Care For AIDS With Justin Miller

Living a life of purpose gives your name a wonderful mark in this world. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Dr. Omékongo Dibinga who is an UPstander motivational speaker, trilingual poet, TV talk show host, rapper, and professor of cross-cultural communication at American University. Dr. Dibinga shares the ordeal he went through with bullying, being suicidal, and finding hope amidst all the circumstances. Reshaping the hip-hop world and focusing on helping people find common ground in these uncommon times, Dr. Dibinga notes that regardless of what generation we belong to, there are opportunities for change.

Whether people acknowledge it or not, the fact remains that there are a lot of misconceptions about AIDS. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Justin Miller, the Co-Founder and CEO of Care for AIDS on today’s show. Justin introduced a book he co-authored called Beyond Blood and explains some misconceptions about AIDS and what their non-profit organization is doing to help the people affected by it. With guidance from Bono’s words, Justin also talks about how his advocacy has given shape to his perseverance to get rid of AIDS.

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