See you later…

25 years

25-plus million lives touched

Born to bring peace

Piece by piece

Daily delivering deeds of dignity

From America to South Africa

From Mississippi to Kinshasa

A life lived for others

A million daughters, one mother

A voice for the voiceless

Bringing hope to the hopeless

A gift from above harpooned into our hearts

Like Mattie and Mandela, a bridge builder through love

The next 25 will simply save more lives

Educate more young girls, heal more husbands and wives

If we like she could just live our OWN lives

With no fear, no regrets, no compromise

Then a life well-lived will for all be our prize

Until that day we will just say “thank you”

For leading by example, for giving us direction

So many lessons and so many blessings

We’re not saying “goodbye”

Just “see you later”

Because, as you want for us all

You’re just on to something greater

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