A tale of 3 Ngolelas (a motivational story)

other, my cousin, and my first born daughter, who is 6 years old (middle name Saafi). This weekend, my mother organized a fashion show for three generations of Ngolelas. Saafi also shared the stage with her 6-year old cousin Shaumba, also a designer.

What was amazing about this weekend is two things and both relate to your life. The first is that when my mother started planning this show, she was not sure how she would get the money to have everything from renting a space to a DJ, a videographer, etc. All she knew was that she always wanted to do a fashion show, and she wanted to raise money for her school in Congo. To her surprise (but not to mine), everyone volunteered their services from the videographer to the DJ. She got tons of free advertising on the radio and raised good money for a great cause. She even got a steep discount on the building for the show! The reason I was not surprised is that my parents gave so much to the people of Boston and beyond in terms of service that so many people wanted a chance to give back. The moral of this first point is simply what Dr. Wayne Dyer said: the more and more you give back to your community, the more it gives back to you. Have you checked your level of service lately?

The second point is about my daughter and niece. My mother has been sewing since her days in Congo. She even won a competition or two. Though she just had her first fashion show in her senior years, she provided an outlet for two children to further their dreams. I don’t know where my mother would be today in the fashion world if, at 6 years old, she had the chance to show her skills to the world. A thing called colonialism prevented that from happening. What I do know is that her efforts have made it easier for 2 generations after her to pursue their dreams. The moral of point two is simple: if you don’t reach all of your goals in the pursuit of your dreams, do your best to crack the door open a little bit for the next generation to walk through with less difficulty.

This past weekend was a great event for my mother. What she did for my cousin, daughter, and niece was even greater. In life you’re number one goal is to take care of yourself so that you can be fully committed to something greater than yourself and do the most good for the most people in the process. Remember that in everything you do!