America: celebrating rape and disgruntled flight attendants

As we make a celebrity out of Steven Slater, the former Jetblue flight attendant, we need to really step back and think about what we’re doing. This man cursed everyone out over the intercom when I’m sure there were kids on the plane. Then he broke the law and launched the emergency landing ramp. This also caused flight delays as the plane was disabled. Now he is an Internet hit with over 8,000 Facebook fans. We also have Antoine Dodson (Youtube him) how was interviewed about someone trying to rape his sister. Someone thought his interview was cool and turned it into a song so a song about people coming to raper your family has over 10 million hits on Youtube and is now an iTunes song. He is also selling tee-shirts. While we celebrate this, why don’t we ask ourselves what if the flight attendant had a gun? We would have the situation that we did in Manchester all over again and we would ask what’s wrong with America. Is this what we want America? Is this what we want to celebrate? What message are we sending to the children? We should be ashamed of ourselves but we’re all probably just too busy waiting for our 15 minutes.