Breonna Taylor deserves better

191 days all for a charge that had nothing to do with the killing of Breonna Taylor. The charges of wanton endangerment were made against apartments other than Breonna’s that were shot into. Taylor’s life was taken and no one is accountable. This is why we march. We launched a global protest for 6 months to only be denied the possibility of justice once again. State attorney general Daniel Cameron has made good on his campaign promise to make the police untouchable. Until white people know what it’s like to fight 6 months for no charges, to March for 191 days for no charges, and to bring our case to a global stage only for no charges, there will continue to be an empathy gap in America. Justice delayed is justice denied yet today we’ve been denied even the attempt at justice. Breonna should be here today. She didn’t die. She was killed and Cameron couldn’t even bring himself to say that. The fact that so many of us aren’t even surprised speaks to the decades of injustice we have had to endure at the hands of the police. #blacklivesmatter #BreonnaTaylor