Bring a face to the faceless

The man with a voice that’s unused is as voiceless as the voiceless

The woman with the mouth who does not speak is as powerless as the powerless

Across nations and races the faces of despair are vast and tragic

Imagine an hour without power,

A day with no water,

A week without heat

A lifetime without laughter

This is the daily life for names we may never know

But you can indeed lead the charge and give a face to the faceless

If you have 3 minutes make a call to your local mall

5 minutes write Congress

You got an hour or more check your clothes, shoes and watches

You could be wearing genocide

You could be buying a slave

If your clothes come from nations that engage in the trade

Your coffee may cause conflict in a land you don’t know

That chocolate may melt in your mouth

But it could also have burned a village

So many things that we love come from death and pillage

See the good life for you could be someone else’s despair

But you can bring light to dark if you follow your heart

With a spark of action you can end darkness for many

You can help end trafficking while you’re sitting in traffic

By making calls to companies to see that they’re conflict free

It takes as much time to save a life as it does to take it

Become a conscious consumer wear your clothes with pride

Because you can say that you weren’t involved in genocide

Or femicide or child soldier proliferation

The fate of many nations depend on you so wake up

Raise money, raise awareness, raise hope raise your spirit

Educate yourself and you’ll empower the world

Make life so much better for these boys and girls

Improving another’s living is a gift that keeps on giving

For you are the change we seek so seek peace

You can bring a face to the faceless if you just choose to speak

End slavery now, BE the change you seek