From future ambassador to…full-time poet?

I was on track to going into the foreign service after getting my MA in international affairs. The job I had in the field of international development in DC was so boring, was cheating me out of $10,000 of my salary, and provided no chance at upward mobility. That coupled with the fact that people were really enjoying my poetry led me to embark on a career as a poet and diversity educator. I use my talents to motivate people, especially youth to live their best lives and respect diverse groups. I have never looked back! I’ve been all over the world, I’ve been on TV in over 150 countries, and I just got my own TV talk show! Everyone needs to go where they’re celebrated and not tolerated. We were all put here to live our best lives and reach our full potential. If you’re not happy in your career, move to another one or create your own!