Guilty until proven ISRAEL?

Post asserts that regardless of who is responsible for initiating the violence on these flotillas, the real loser is going to be the United States and its policy towards Israel. Just days before this incident, President Obama declared (once again) that the U.S. bond with Israel is unbreakable. This constant message from every U.S. President tells Israel it can do whatever it wants. President Obama can’t just go speak to the Muslim world in Egypt and come back home and act this way. If the IDF is found to be the aggressor, the U.S. response should be swift and stern. As Ambassador Peck, who was on one of the flotillas stated: hawkish people are going to continue to behave hawkishly and that is the case with Israel. The Isaraeli government cannot continue to act with impunity and always be looked at as the victim by the U.S. In that region of the world, no one has clean hands. If the U.S. wants true credibility internationally, President Obama needs to get tough on Israel.