I will NOT switch iPhones!

While I am tempted to bundle my home package with a cell phone package and while I MAY not mind getting a new iPhone 4 case because the Verizon phones will be slightly different (thus an additional cost), I am NOT ready to go back to not being able to use online features and get calls. I had that issue with the iPhone 3GS before they did the upgrade and it was annoying. To not be able to do things like go on Pandora and take calls is sooo Treo 300 (remember that?)! Maybe when they get that taken care of I’ll think about it but until then, I’m staying with my iPhone 4 for AT&T! I also like the ability to use it for texting while overseas. Verizon can’t do that last time I checked with any regular phone. Maybe when the iPhone 8 for Verizon comes out they’ll have my attention but not now!