What Oprah’s Lifeclass teaches us about being present


Over the past month, I have been watching Oprah Winfrey's show entitled "Life Class," where they have been looking at the issues of absentee fathers and the children they leave behind. One of the key points made in the specials was that a father can be present but not really present in the lives of their children, which can be just as bad. 

The shows had me thinking about all of us. What can you do to be more of a presence in the lives of those around you? Do you plan meetups with your friends and family just to sit down and be on your phone the entire time? Do you avoid talking to people who could really benefit from hearing your voice and just send them text messages? In your relationship with your spouse or significant other, are you celebrating them or just tolerating their presence or being indifferent to their wants and needs now that you're together and you think the courting process is done?

No matter where you are in life, you and I know that you can do more to be a better presence in the lives of those around you. If you are an absentee parent, you need to do whatever possible to go back and reclaim your child or children. Your presence should really be a present to those around you, not a curse. If you know this applies to you, then you have much more work to do! Get to it!