Global Soul (a poem)

They say the journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step

And they say never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes

Both scenarios are harder when you have no shoes

When you wake up wondering again just how you might lose

When you shake up thinking of how to pay school fees and dues

Yes, it can give you the blues and leave you confused

Trying to live your best muse and it feels like a ruse

Believing that world has abandoned you

But one day you wake up and realize you’re not alone

You realize others are fighting with you to save your home

You realize some have been on your side as you fight to end genocide

You realize that others want this mass atrocity to be an anomaly

You realize that there are more who want peace in schools and your streets

And sometimes it takes a preacher to see you through

And sometimes it takes a teacher to be with you

And sometimes it might take a Meyer…or two

But you must never forget that it all started with you

It’s sad that some see that basic human rights ain’t that basic

But we’re fighting with you to make sure the world ain’t complacent

For on the side of humanity, we’ll always be adjacent

Because even with no shoes we can walk to end genocide

With no boots we can help others hold their head with pride

If we listen closely we can Hear her Voice telling us that we must

That we must bear witness to the tragedies of the world before it turns to dust

We must do the work to save that boy or girl

And if they don’t hear us we need to cry out louder to the world!

Because a wise woman said that those who suffer need us to amplify their voices

And some of us with the megaphone need to make better choices

But here we’ve conspired to never retire

And rather than retire we just get rewired

We will never be overwhelmed

We will never be deterred

We will never be defeated if we stay inspired

To globally end all war to do even more for Darfur

To use permagardening to stop hearts permanently hardening

From the beautiful souls of the Virunga

To the powerful people known as Rohingya

Sometimes providing a little shelter can make someone’s life better

When we’re Syria-sly committed we can help refugees find refuge

Get them proper medical care and housing to survive the deluge

We build these homes so no one can hemorrhage hope

Because sometimes all you need to help is a small extension of rope

Because living your best life is only attainable

When your life is Sudan-ly sustainable

We know that few are guilty, but all are responsible

But in OUR hearts we hold the hope of what’s possible

And some may not understand why we do this work

And some may not understand why sometimes our hearts hurt

But we stand on the shoulders of those who don’t quit

We stand on the shoulders of those with true grit

We stand on the shoulders of those who walked so that we can fly

And for all of those reasons, we will not stand idly by!

Raise Hope for Congo (a poem)

The world’s richest country now the poorest

A chorus of women’s cries across a corrupted country in demise

International lies hide the truth of our turmoil

Raping our country of our women, tungsten, coltan, and gold

Young girls now a commodity no longer an oddity

Child soldiers watching bullets and not birds fly over their sky

So we can sit pretty with our play stations, laptops and iPhones

iRoam alone in Africa’s first world war starving a continent feeding the globe

Little babies dying so we can have a cell phone and warm home

An X-box, a TV, a computer, a flat screen

Flat lining the dreams of millions of Congolese

Never quite able to control their destiny

Mineral gifts turned to curses, body bags with no hearses

Babies bouncing from the womb to the tomb in a matter of minutes

But in a minute you can decide to help turn this tide

Raise your voice for the people, raise hope for the Congo

Turn your cell phone to a microphone and speak knowledge to your college

Tell these computer companies we need conflict free products

Realize you’re a fool if you don’t check the trail of those jewels

Diamonds and gold be the fuels to this fire

How can gold become a cancer?

I’m looking for an answer

In a land where diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend

But together with the Congolese we can change this direction

If you decide to raise your conscience and each one teach one

Reach one in your grasp make an army of change

An army of conscious consumers and not soldiers for the same old

Sympathetic solutions for political and profitable prostitution

The true resolution is empowering our women

The center of our land must be made whole once again

The backbone of our nation must be realigned

When our women can stand proud our country we will once again have its spine

The heart of our future lies in our young girls

The pride of our lives lies in our young boys

Congo’s future lies in our hands if you’d just understand

That we’re all in this together

So let’s all raise hope and take a stand for our land