Kill Hillary Clinton’s…

… campaign. That’s all I meant. Nothing more, nothing less. In this current presidential atmosphere, you might have thought that this Obama supporter was calling on someone to take her out (and I don’t mean to dinner). I would never suggest in any way, shape, or form that someone should assassinate Senator Hillary Clinton. What I
suggesting is that her
comments regarding Robert Kennedy’s assassination
, when added to other references of assassination attempts, helps create a climate that could lead to Senator Obama’s assassination and this is what is most dangerous, followed by her failure to recognize this and the media’s attempt to defend her.

Let’s recap.

A few weeks ago, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at the National Rifle Association and heard a large bang. He
stated that it was Obama ducking from someone aiming a gun at him
. Strike one. Then earlier this week, a Georgia magazine published a cover of a
magazine with Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle
. The article was about hate groups in America and the editors stated that they weren’t aware the cover would cause so much controversy. Really? No one on your editorial board could see how the image of a popular Black man in crosshairs could be a problem? Maybe it’s time for some diversity there. In any event, it was strike 2. Senator Clinton delivered the third strike by stating that she’s going on in her campaign until June because her husband’s primary campaign lasted that long in 1992 (though it was more of a formality than a last minute finish) and that RFK was also assassinated, basically asserting that
can happen.

What is even more annoying is how journalists who are supposed to be objective like CNN’s Campbell Brown and T.J. Holmes have taken to defending her by stating that the media’s blowing this out of proportion and that this is much ado about nothing because Hillary couldn’t have
meant anything else. This is what allowed for Clinton to

only apologize to the Kennedy family

and not apologize for inadvertently hinting to a possible Obama assassination. Only a few journalists like
Keith Oberman have given her the business
(and boy did he) on her comments.

The last frustrating part of this story is that there are those who assert that those who get upset with the aforementioned assassination references are over-reacting but who are they to say? If Jewish Senator Joe Leiberman was running for President and his campaign was nearing an end, could you imagine how the Jewish community would feel if someone said “You might as well open the oven and stick a fork in him ’cause he’s done.”? Who would dare tell any Jewish person who was offended by any references to ovens that evoke the Holocaust, one of the darker moments in world history that she was over reacting? If you think Jewish people wouldn’t be offended, remember Michael Jackson had his albums taken off the shelf because
his song said the word “kike”
even though the song was
tolerance. For many Jewish people, just hearing the word was too much. I respect and understand that but why can’t we get the same in reverse?

Robert and John Kennedy were both seen as allies to the African American community in the 1960 and they were assassinated. Add the assassination of Malcolm X, Dr. King, and Medgar Evers, and everyone should understand why this climate being created about an Obama assassination can be frustrating. While watching the comments, one African American friend of mine began laughing and then burst into tears. This is real to too many of us. Rather than defending Hillary, her supporters should be using this as a teachable moment.

In the 1990s, there was much talk about Minister Farrakhan’s involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X. Many said he was directly involved. He said he was not directly involved but helped create the climate. That is what the aforementioned persons and organizations need to admit to doing instead of claiming they had no idea and were not suggesting Obama be killed. Clinton particularly is the most disappointing because she has been the master of dropping lines like these and then backing off. For example, remember her comments about White working class workers moving towards her. She later said it was a dumb statement but knew very well she was playing the White race card and continued to build that movement. She is fully aware that we live in a sound bite society where too many hear snippets of comments from celebrities and instantly believe them. Clinton is a master at this, not to mention the fact that she spoke about
JFK comparisons to Obama
and how JFK was assassinated as well. This was in January. Anyone seeing a pattern?

Given that I am a believer of speaking things into existence, I do believe that Senator Obama will live a long and healthy life. I don’t trust a Hillary vice presidency because I believe someone will try to assassinate him so that she could become the President. It’s just how I feel. What is of most importance to me is that Americans work harder to be more sensitive towards the other. We are too focused in this culture on pointing fingers and playing name games without developing the ability to look at the man in the mirror. All of our experiences in this country are real and we would serve this country better to understand the sensitivities of one another’s experiences rather than assuming authority and expertise on histories we don’t fully understand. We all just want to be validated and so when African Americans speak of fear of an Obama assassination (some won’t even vote for him out of this fear), this is legitimate as well.