Young men's lives hanging from empty nooses
Justice in Jena denied: no excuses
Cafeteria syndrome on steroids
Because injustice often slips through knots
And futures can be lynched without the presence of mobs
By attorneys who can't Reed the letter of the law
From Chapel Hill to Jena
District attorneys lose control
Manifesting evi-l-acrosse racial lines
Parents facing cardiac arrest by the "stroke of a pen"
Waiting for freedom to ring for Mychal Bell
My-call is for all who believe in equality
To wake from their state of complacency
Because some still can't sit under whitey's white tree in their white tee
With a white jury deciding their destiny
Racist justice system taking the best of we
But this Just-in!
Americans are standing in solidarity
Digging into the depths of our soul
And calling for a Jenasis of consciousness
Calling for healing from hurt and humiliation
Saving our youth from liar fire-breathing dragons
Who drag-on their credentials and drag off our future leaders
But with this rebirth we will wake the world with our words
We will make the legal system stop lynching the lives of our loved ones in herds
Let us use our shoes to attempt murder on generational genocide
And tie a noose around ignorance and dangle it with pride