G.R.O.W. Towards Your Greatness!

This motivational book is designed for anyone who wants to go to the highest level possible. Each chapter is filled with anecdotes as well as writing exercises tp help you process your life. The “G.R.O.W. Model” (Give, Release, Overcome, WIN) is a proven technique that will assist you in your personal as well as professional life.

As you read this testimony, I encourage you to look at each of the 10 steps put forth in this book and be honest with yourself about how you will remove all negative barriers to your growth personally or professionally. So often in our lives, we attend trainings or conferences and leave thinking that we have learned nothing and have wasted our time. We often lament over the loss of funds and return home unfulfilled. I want you to approach such events differently and begin to take a new approach in life.

Use this book to launch the space shuttle that is you for you are on a trajectory to fly beyond the stars. Begin today to prepare for the greatness that is inside of you waiting to burst out! Look at each step and know that with each accomplishment, you are taking another step on the stairs of success; a success defined by you and no one else. When Les Brown, one of the world’s leading motivational speakers over the last 20 years, speaks of becoming a millionaire, he is speaking more of a mindset than the money. As he states, being a millionaire means doing things that make you feel like a millionaire. It could mean getting your first house or a house for your parents. It could mean going back to school when you are in your seventies or cleaning up a park in your neighborhood that you cannot stand seeing filthy. It can also be financial of course. There are a million ways to feel like a millionaire. Now turn the page and take the next step towards your greatness!

Click here to download an excerpt from this book for free (PDF File).

Pride in MY Stride

Shaumba Dibinga’s first book of children’s poetry with contributions from Omekongo Dibinga.

Poems from the Future

This anthology of poems by students at the Westland Middle School is an absolute delight to read!

This is a book of poetry and short stories on a wide range of topics directly from the voices of our future. These are the poems of the 8th grade graduating class of Westland Middle School. The topics range from war and fast food to technology and divorce. This is a must read for anyone attempting to grasp what is on the hearts and minds of the next generation!