South Africa: STAY African AFTER the World Cup!

While it is great to see South Africans showing love for the Ghanaian team, I hope that the love continues for fellow Africans after the Cup is over. I LOVE South Africa. I have been there 7 teams. While there is great beauty there, there is also animosity towards African immigrants that rivals the hatred towards certain immigrants here, maybe even exceeds it. There have been cases, for example, of tires being placed around immigrants and then having them be burned alive. I have Congolese cousins who live there now and some of their stories have also been grim. There are also many South Africans who don’t see themselves (until now) as belonging to the whole continent. I’ve heard some say that one day they wish to travel to Africa. Huh? Lastly, some of the economic polices of South Africa (as Africa’s largest economy) have served to undermine other countries in the region. It is for these reasons that I hope that this great spirit of the World Cup towards Ghana will spread towards other Africans after the Cup is done.