Stop hatin’ on Michelle Obama!

It’s so sad that we are critiquing the FLOTUS on her trip to Spain. We are grabbing at anything to condemn the Obamas. The people who are condemning her will never give her credit for her plans to lower childhood obesity rates or come to neighborhoods like my own and speak to young girls about the dangers of teen pregnancy. For those saying she should have vacationed in America, where are these other Senators vacationing now? Furthermore, sure the FLOTUS left America but we spend most of our money IN America buying items NOT made here. iPhones and iPads are rapidly selling out of the stores and we’re supposed to be broke. Most cars purchased aren’t made here. In this “recession”, we just saw a movie called “Avatar” become the highest grossing movie ever. It seems like rather than checking Michelle Obama, we should be checking ourselves. We have too many serious issues in American right now to be spending time on this.