Thanks Mel Gibson!

As sad as Mel Gibson’s latest racial and misogynistic rant is, it should be a reminder to us that we cannot put all of our faith and hope into these stars because they ultimately will disappoint us and our kids who look up to them. From Michael Richards to Tiger Woods, we see star after star fall from grace from things they do publicly in the Richards case or privately as in the Woods case. We have to remember that WE put them on this pedestal. Rather than making these people heroes who we don’t even know, we need to focus on celebrating our local heroes like parents, teachers, police officers, etc. These are people we see every day and have grown up with so (most of the time) we are knowledgeable of their success AND flaws. In a time where we are supposed to be in a recession, we are still spending tons of money to go see these stars and make movies like Avatar the #1 selling movie ever. We have to get our priorities in order. This situation with Gibson is a reminder of that.