Take control of your diet!

Let’s talk about that diet family! Some people say, you are what you eat or you eat what you are. Look, track star Carl Lewis said you cannot outrun your diet. You have to remember that we can work out and do all the things that want to do in terms of getting in shape, but if we don’t incorporate the diet, we’re really wasting our time and we’re not going to get the gains that we really want to see, especially as we age. Exercise is important, sleep is also important, but the diet is as well.

So today start looking at maybe drinking one extra glass of water a day, getting more fruit, one extra piece of a vegetable of some sort. Maybe deciding that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on something you’re eating, then you shouldn’t be eating it. Maybe look at how to get rid of the artificial colors that are in your diet. Everybody can do something, but it has to become a daily habit. It took a while for us to build up that diet that might be unhealthy. It’s going to take time to get it where we want to be, but you are worth it. So today, work on that diet to get to the shape and the mentality you want to have! Peace!

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