Was Malcolm X gay? Does it matter?

The late Dr. Manning Marable’s book on the life of Malcolm X truly provides a view of Malcolm’s life that even those of us who have studied him for years were not aware of. One of the revelations in the book is a period of Malcolm’s teenage life where he was allegedly engaged in some type of homosexual relationship. This has led to a discussion particularly in the black community on sexuality because Malcolm has been a shining example of black manhood for decades. If this is true, we have to ask, does it matter? Is Lil’ Wayne gay for kissing his manager Birdman on the lips though he proclaims “no homo”? What we should realize is that sexuality has always been a fluid thing. There are even new allegations relating to Ghandi’s relationship with a man. All of this should not be used to condemn individuals for their sexual relations and this should not be the case in this day and age. Lastly, this revelation is just a very small part in the life of a very misunderstood individual in Malcolm X. This book is a great study of the entire life of Malcolm X and that’s where our focus should be.