We don’t REALLY honor our troops

Post asserts that it’s great to stand up and cheer for our troops at airports, but what about on the street everyday? I read a story once of a soldier who came home and had shrapnel in his head so he was mentally challenged. His wife wanted him to learn to do things on his own again so she often sits back and watches him. As he was trying to figure out how to get his money in the train turnstyle, a line gathered behind him with a big attitude. She told them he was a soldier and some still didn’t care. It’s things like this everyday that show how we don’t care for our soldiers who are struggling. No soldier should be homeless. They should be treated better than celebrities. It’s great to celebrate people like Colin Powell who rose to such prominence, but what about the Nolan Powell’s and others at Walter Reed not getting proper care? What about the ones who lose their jobs when they come home or can’t get benefits. These activities smack our soldiers in the face every day. If I was a soldier, I’d rather have you not even acknowledge me in the airport if it means that when I got home, i would be treated like my contributions to America’s freedom really meant something. We can do better.