Haiti, We Will Rebuild (a poem)

Why are so many masses of my countrymen no longer alive?

Why did I survive?

Why didn’t I perish beneath the rubble?

Why has the pride in my island not crumbled?

Bearing wondrous witness to death and devastation

Birthing bountiful inspiration

For as long as I’m breathing I must keep on believing

Appealing to a higher power to see me through this

For there will never be an answer as to why we went through this

I may not have money but I have arms to hug hope

A rope of resiliency reaching down to my brother

A ladder of love reaching up to my mother

Pour Ayiti je vais reconstruir mon pays

The hope for my country depends on me

With some special assistance from my neighboring countries

I will emerge even stronger, my people more proud

Stormy clouds shall pass et le soleil will shine encore une fois

An earthquake shook my country but not my pride tu vois

An aftershock rocked my home but not my spirit

They say when you’re knocked down to land on your back

For if you can look up you can get up so I’m standing tall

Some buildings may have collapsed but my faith will never fall

My land will rise once again because I chose to get up

To never let up on my people, I was chosen to live up

So watch me rise like the phoenix from the ashes of despair

Watch my people rebuild like never before

With you and me working side by side

This quake will be a mere tremor with the passage of time

So I say sak passé to a new day dawning

From mourning the dead I’ll give birth to a new morning

A quake clipped my wings but soon again I’ll be soaring!