Who cares about a child rape victim? Tiger Woods is back!

Post asserts that we need to spend real time looking at the crises that are happening in our community. We are all upset about this 7-year old rape victim and we should be. But what happens tomorrow? We go right back to gawking over Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock and the White House party crashers who got a reality show. We have to do better. We have to go beyond calling people thugs and doing stories on “no snitch” for a few days and then going back to celebrity gossip. Just because celebrities make more money than us does not mean we have to give them more attention. The media should spend more time analyzing things like how our educational system contributes to this and how we can help parents who are trying to get their kids on the right track. If mainstream media is just going to become tabloid TV, we need to really re-evaluate why we watch and WHAT we watch in the first place.