Why I’m boycotting the KFC coupons

Article examines how the KFC coupon deal with Oprah will ultimately lead more Americans to an unhealthy lifestyle. Article contends that Oprah should have partnered with a company that promotes healthier food choices. Did you get your Kentucky Grilled Chicken? Are you one of the 10,000,000 downloaders of the Oprah coupon? Were you just so happy that KFC could actually use the word “chicken” in their advertisements again and just had to support them? While the country was going crazy over KFC, I found myself being more disappointed at Oprah’s gesture than content with her latest endeavor in helping those in need. While I believe her intentions were genuine, her efforts will ultimately contradict her message of living your best life.

Let me be clear. I know that there were many families in America who benefitted from the coupons because of our economic state. Anyone who is in a predicament where food is scarce has to do what she has to do. This article is not about that group of people who are the people I know Oprah was intending to assist. Based on the e-mails I received, however, most people were just looking for a free meal. Friends of mine with jobs and of means would end their e-mails saying “I’m off to get my free KFC.” The problem that is occurring is that an entire new group and generation of people are being turned on to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Going to KFC is not going to a Panera Bread or Whole Foods. The side orders at KFC are greasy fries and oily biscuits made with deadly trans-fats and partially hydrogenated oils, as well as red-40 flavored baked beans. This is tantamount to being given a free coupon for orange juice but having to redeem the coupon at a liquor store. Winfrey should have partnered up with a healthier food company such as a Panera Bread, Boston Market, or Whole Foods. The first critique that I will hear from this is that “poor people don’t shop at those expensive stores.” I counter that by stating that many people who we label as poor are actually only poor in the choices they make, not their income.

I grew up poor in Boston. Poor to me meant having on occasion no hot water, no electricity, living in a rat-infested home, covering up my stove with blankets to keep warm in the winter, wearing the same clothes daily, having a near-empty fridge, and using food stamps. Today, however, many of those we call poor have cell phones, ipods, PlayStations, fancy clothes, big screen TVs, and fancy cars. I remember once walking into the home of a woman living on Section 8 and she had a wall-to-wall big screen TV that stood taller than me. Are these people poor or making poor choices?

Again, I am not talking about those who are living like I lived. Back in my poorer days, I would have used Oprah’s coupons in a heartbeat. The group I am talking about could get to a Whole Foods or Panera Bread if they wanted to. They could choose healthier options even at the McDonald’s and Burger Kings they dine in. The issue that we must deal with is the poverty mentality that exists across so many of our communities. Our new president and his family have been helping to set a new standard of fitness, healthy eating and exercise. Though most of us won’t have the ability to plant an organic garden in our backyard (if we have one), we can slowly begin to make changes in many of our daily practices that lead us to a downward spiral spiritually, physically, and economically. My hope is that those who are exploiting the KFC coupons will be drawn more over time to Oprah’s “Best Life” philosophy as opposed to KFC’s worst life menu.

Why I’m boycotting the KFC coupons

Hey did you hear that we are in a recession? I really had no idea until I saw it on TV, every single day for the past 6 months or so.

Seriously though, I realized we were in for tough times (as many of you did) a long time ago. Quite truthfully, many of us have been in a perpetual recession in some way, shape or form for years. They say that when America sneezes, the world catches the flu. If that is indeed true, then it is also true that when corporate America sneezes, everyone else in the country catches the flu as well. Rather than waiting on everyone else to get sick to decide that I’ll have the flu, I’ve decided to fortify my immune system in advance by boycotting this recession.

This economic recession has turned into a psychological recession. More and more every day, I hear people speaking from a poverty state of mind. Go through your day and ask yourself how many times you hear things that speak to a defeatist mentality. All day you’ll hear someone talk about how they can’t find a job so they stop looking. They speak about how they want to start a business but there’s no money so they don’t write that business plan. They want to take a trip but they’re just broke so they don’t look at driving down the street because they can’t fly to Disney World. Though all of these problems are real for many families even when there is not a recession, the recession has become an excuse for many people to not do anything at all. From the President to the media and on down, we just hear about the gloom and doom that is ahead if a bill doesn’t get passed or if some other miraculous act does not occur and frankly, I’m tired of it.

The recession has become the new reality show. Tune in 24-7 to catch the latest episode. I’ve never been a fan of reality shows. We need to focus on our own realities and stop participating in this recession mentality. The mental recession will be harder to emerge from than the economic recession. I know the President is doing the best he can to solve the problem so I don’t need to watch the news every hour to join the collective recession woes. Before the recession was declared, my family was already looking for ways to cut costs in utilities, automobile travel, groceries, etc. because we want to have a more green lifestyle that our kids will hopefully emulate and of course, we want to save money. If you waited until now to start doing that, you’ll most likely go back to your old habits when this recession ends. If you are really concerned about this recession, you will start developing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually now in order to emerge from the recession before it ends. Use this economy to take stock of what’s important in your life and develop that to your fullest abilities. You will emerge a more prepared person when this is over and you will have an advantage over the majority of Americans who have given into the fear.