If Only Meghan Williams Was A Dog

If only Meghan Williams was a dog
America would finally match its bark with its bite
If only Meghan Williams was a dog
They would have rallies and protests all day and night
But you see there's no "special place in hell" for abusers of black females
But if you electrocute a bitch, then you must pay hell
If 9 men sodomized a cocker spaniel in Dunbar Village,
Almost set her on fire, molested her pup so vicious
It would make Ellen cry,
Make Fox News ask why,
Even make CNN do an investigation,
And make Russel get the ears of the Def's attention
But no Meghan, you're just a black woman
A new millennium Sara Bartman
Poked and prodded for curiosity
Which only kills cats, but rapes blacks
In America we are just not bothered
Makes me wonder if anyone in PETA has a daughter
But alas Meghan, you're just a black woman
And though we may call you a bitch behind bars by stars
Four-legged bitches are more valuable than you are
You're not even worth a rap for many, so I'll give you this poem
Just some words from your brother to let you know you're not alone
One day I promise you this mistreatment will end
As soon as we remember that a woman is man's best friend