The good & the bad about Ghana in the World Cup

While I as a Congolese-American am rooting for Ghana, I am torn. Media reports I hear continually call Ghana the pride and hope of Africa. It’s almost like how black boxers like Joe Louis and Jack Johnson decades ago represented the entire race in the eyes of the media. While this may be true, we are serving to perpetuate the same stereotypes as Africa as a country and not a continent. If we are going to promote that mentality, let’s look at Ghana as a country whose economy has been growing faster than many around the


. Let’s look at its political stability and other great things happening there. My hope is that this World Cup experience will serve as a way for many people with only stereotypical images of the African continent to open their minds to the diversity that does exist on the continent because, after all, it IS a continent. It’s not a country.

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