Unity For Our Beloved Community (a poem)

You don’t know what you don’t know

You can’t lead where you don’t go

If you don’t read you won’t GROW

I know

It can feel hard to work together

It can be hard to fight to make our lives better

But it’s worth it

We have so many hidden commonalities but we can unearth it

If we choose to trust each other before suspicion

If we choose to take America’s promise and give it a new rendition

We can show the world how to multiply unity where there’s division

Where people wanna subtract our culture, you can bring addition

We can bring acceptance where there’s derision

To lead or to follow, what’s your decision?

We need to fight all forms of hate with surgical precision

But we can only do that if we really want to heal

To be upstanders and not bystanders kicking down doors of hate with our heels

When I accept you and you accept me, I love how that feels

So let’s commit to love and learn about one another for real!

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