What my 6 year-old daughter taught me about growth and beauty…

This past weekend, my 6-year old daughter Saafi lost her second tooth. At ages 4 & 5, Saafi was always happy and loved to dance, but she was somewhat fearful of trying new things. She was concerned about maybe hurting herself or looking foolish because she didn’t know what to do at first. Imagine the surprise Kendra and I found when she became super excited about her teeth falling out! We thought she would be terrified because it was going to be a little painful and something she never experienced. At 6 years old, Saafi has blossomed into a girl who is eager to try new things, experience a little pain if involved in a new physical activity, and isn’t afraid to make mistakes.

Saafi’s growth has me thinking about you and me as adults. Are many of us still in a state of fear over the uncomfortable and the unknown? Are many of us still afraid to try new things and make mistakes in the process? The one thing I learned watching both of our girls is that children remind us of the beauty in taking risks. They fall as they learn to walk, bite their tongue as they learn to chew, and don’t get sad over the loss of a tooth. They get happy because they know something new is growing inside of them. In looking at our lives and our goals, if we look at what we want to do with our careers and let go of our fears, we can all be kids again.

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